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One of the projects in which members gave back was building a shelter over a collection window at a local pharmacy. With (usually older) people queuing in the heat to collect medicine, they needed the shade from the heat. Other calls included requests for bird boxes as people spend more time enjoying the wildlife. It’s amazing how many people and charities are trying to maintain some sense of continuity at this difficult time. The Sheds charity adapting to the new normal provides a great example to the Health Lottery of how their recipients are currently working through the crisis. There are many others like it across the country.

With no big international lottery wins last week, it means that this week sees a rollover on the UK Lotto to raise the jackpot to £11.6 million for Saturday, while the EuroMillions grows to €70 million. In the USA the Powerball jackpot has steadily increased to $68 million while the Mega Millions carries on growing to $104 million. So, could this be the weekend of another international lottery jackpot win?

The British Red Cross are the next proud recipients of money from the Big Lottery Fund. Their campaign to raise awareness of the plight of refugees and asylum seekers has finally paid off. The Luton Refugee Programme recently received nearly £500,000 in funding to help those in need in Luton and the surrounding areas. The British Red Cross carries out a lot of work outside of our borders to help people in crisis. What most don’t know is the great work they do here in the UK. They are a network of one of the most prestigious and best-known human relief charities today.

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How Daniel and Kelly Schulli managed to keep it quiet for so long deserves a hat tip. They admitted to walking around the house with their children present giving each other knowing nods and winks. It may go down as the biggest prank in lottery story history. However, it is most likely not the first lottery winners prank or the last. The couple decided that their first purchase will be a new pick up truck. Their present truck is 20 years old and in need of replacement. Other than that, they have no major spend plans for the nearly $10m win. As for the children, will they get any of the money?