A 24-year-old accountant from Mangalore, Karnataka has become an overnight multi-millionaire, thanks to his jackpot win on the Big Ticket Lottery in the UAE. Mohammad Fayaz won 12 million dirhams (ticket number 059070) on the popupowerball historical numberslar lottery draw held on the 3rd October at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, which would convert to an amazing Rs 23 crore!

The Union Home Minister is on a two-day visit to Bengal, addressing back-to-back rallies as the BJP amps up its campaign for the election starting March 27.

In August he still hadn’t given up playing the lottery in spite of the win. Just as well he carried on, because in that month he won $2m CAD (£1.2m). The total prize came to $2.5m CAD. The young man is called Menhig Menhig and aged just 28 years old. He lives in Winnipeg. Taking the opportunity that life has given him, he’s decided to use the money from his two big lottery prizes to pay for an education to further his career prospects. For all the stories of how people who win big end up wasting the money, it makes for inspirational reading.

The premise of Weather Lottery is simple though it may seem confusing at first – simply choose seven numbers based on the celsius temperature, but list only the fraction of a degree. So, if you think the temperature in Sydney will be 29.8C, you will choose the number 8 for that city. Then move on to the next one. Your ticket string could easily read 6, 6, 7, 4, 9, 6, 6. That is an unusual format, but organisers say players will get used to it as it is similar to the postcode lotteries in other countries (which don’t work down under because their postcode strings are so short and not particularly specific).

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nghimtotry another bank, and has always maintained its meaning, "Yes, it is true" said McDaniel, a retail development company. "I will never have an alarm clock again.

This is the second most popular lottery jackpot in West Virginia. Diane Ellisiton's luxury product was last summer, and its market value was approximately $1.75 million.

In his plea filed through advocate Sameer Kumar, he claimed that he has been illegally removed by the West Bengal government's Municipal Affairs Department from the post of administrator of the civic body.